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Giyora Ginsburg is 33 years old. He was born in Russia, repatriated to Israel at the age of 14, and lives in the city of Arad. While serving in the army (IDF) was a lifeguard, as well as responsible for religious affairs in the rear units. During his military service he passed a giyur - and since then he has been a religious person. He studied at the Orthodox Yeshiva (religious school) in Jerusalem, then taught Judaism at a local synagogue. Giyora writes verses in Hebrew and Russian. This book contains translations of his poems into English.

Giyora Ginzburg/ Fruits of my Observations

  • Giyora Ginzburg wrote his first poem after visiting the synagogue on Saturday. At the end of the day, the poem lay on paper, and since then, for eight years, Giyora has continued to write poetry - with great help from heaven, in his own words. The main themes of the lyrics of the young poet are faith and Judaism. There are also poems about love, about the loneliness of the country of Israel, Jewish traditions and holidays. Giyora's poems can help a person feel his roots and become stronger in faith in God ...

  • Электронная книга

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