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I choose and study from the vast TORAH what “the heart is drawn to” (Chapter 2 of the
book plus Chapter 4 as the scientific part of the TORAH).
In 1993, we sent our son to “study” in Israel and in 1996-98 he served in the Airborne
Brigade, following the example of millions of Jewish soldiers (Chapter 3).
In 1999, I went up to Israel and began a New Life, which included “The Engineering
Renaissance in Israel and Russia” (Chapter 1).
The Epilogue of the book (Chapter 6) is connected with the Last House.
I understand that the elixir of health is modest prayer along with feasible gymnastics, walking
and homework (including caring for relatives) as prescribed by wise doctors and teachers
(Chapter 5).
Объем книги 686 сс.: около половины – на русском, 200 – на английском, 70 – на
иврите, 70 сс. иллюстраций.

«ТИКУН в лицах» Александр Берлин

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